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Goya Aluminium Boom

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Size: 110-160
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Regular price £235.00
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Goya Aluminum Boom 

Prime performance reduced diameter T6 aluminum boom. 

The Goya Alu booms feature a one-piece build structurally identical to our carbon booms. They in fact rival a number of other carbon booms on the market. High stiffness and strength are provided even when fully extented.

The grip of the Aluminum is reduced, making riding this boom a pleasurable experience even if you’re in the water for hours. Smaller sizes measure 27.1 mm, larger models transition from 26 into 29.5 mm towards the tail.

Goya's Alu boom comes with the double pin locking system and features a highly robust front end. Contest winning technology at an affordable price. The Aluminum comes with wide and stiff tail ends.

Please note that any indicated diameters describe the boom tube without grip tape. The grip tape has an additional thickness of 1.5 mm (times two to calculate overall diameter).

Available in 160, 180, 190, 200, 220, 230, 250 centimeters.

Adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts.

Goya booms fit both RDM and SDM masts for added range and versatility. By using the RDM shim you need to add 2 cm in your boom length measurement. Example: To achieve a 156 cm boom length, on an RDM mast, with the RDM shim in place, the boom needs to be set to 158 cm.