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GA-Sails Start HD (School Board) 2024

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GA Windsurfing START HD 2024: Your Ultimate Solution for Learning Windsurfing!

Introducing the 2024 GA Start HD - The Perfect Combination of Performance, Ease of Use, and Durability!

The 2024 GA Start HD is designed to be the ultimate solution for learners, offering a perfect blend of performance, ease of use, and durability. Whether you're taking your first steps into windsurfing or looking to progress your skills, the Start HD is your ideal companion on the water.

Key Features:

  1. Modern Wide Shape:

    • The Start HD features a modern wide shape that provides outstanding stability, making it perfect for learners taking their first steps and progressing on a windsurfing board.
  2. Elongated Modern Shape:

    • With an elongated outline, the Start HD offers great glide and acceleration, especially in lighter winds. This design facilitates superb overall planing capabilities, and the elaborate bottom contours ensure easy control in choppy water conditions.
  3. Heavy-Duty Built-in Handles:

    • The board is equipped with heavy-duty built-in handles at the front and back, providing an ergonomic and comfortable carrying option. These handles also serve as a towing option for schools.

Hard Facts:

  • HD-Construction: Tough ABS Skin with durable rail bands protects the board from damages.
  • Modern Shape: Elongated modern shape combines maneuverability, control, and glide.
  • HD-Handles: Built-in handles in the nose and tail for ergonomic carrying and towing.
  • Fin & Daggerboard: Supplied with a 30cm fin and 62 school daggerboard.
  • VDWS Approved: VDWS tested and approved design.

Experience the Joy of Learning Windsurfing with the 2024 GA Start HD - Your Ultimate Solution for Progression and Enjoyment on the Water