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GA-Sails IQ ME - Wave 2022 - Demo

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Color: Blue
Size: 4.0m
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Regular price £549.00
Regular price £995.00 Sale price £549.00

The GA Sails IQ ME is GA's high quality Wave Sail, we had them on test, all sails have a small amount of use and are in good nick. Please contact our Surf Doctor Team for updated images.



Combining the next level range of use, neutral feeling and controllability of the IQ with the most premium construction available – the IQ-ME does not cut down on anything! Adding a membrane construction to our impressively performing IQ meant, we needed to come up with a special design to stand out. Our development team integrated a continuous panel construction with no interruption of the fibres through shaping seams. Continuous panels for the foot, centre, luff and leech of the sail prevent interruptions of the Technora fibers for a perfect flow of the load across the sail’s profile, which leads to an inimitably smooth feeling and unmatched lightness of the IQ-ME. The result is radical wave riding and superb agility.