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GA-Sails IQ - HD 2024

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Color: C6 Red
Size: 3.3
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Regular price £829.00
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Tabou IQ HD 2024: Elevate Your Wave Riding Experience

For the wave riders who crave radical turns, cutbacks, and versatility across various conditions, the Tabou IQ HD is the sail that sets the standard for limitless surfing experiences.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Neutrality and Handling:

    • The IQ HD is renowned for its unmatched neutrality and exceptional handling. It stands out as the sail of choice for waveriding enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of responsiveness and control.
  2. Broad Range of Wave Conditions:

    • Designed to perform in a broad range of wave conditions, the IQ HD allows riders to effortlessly catch waves and showcase their skills across diverse environments. From mellow waves to more challenging surf, this sail excels in delivering consistent performance.
  3. Elevated Waveriding Experience:

    • On the waves is where the IQ HD truly shines. It provides an unparalleled sense of lightness and neutrality, enhancing your waveriding experience to new heights. The sail's design empowers riders to navigate the waves with confidence and precision.
  4. Versatile Light Feeling:

    • The IQ HD is celebrated for its versatile light feeling on the water. This characteristic sets it apart, allowing riders to engage in radical turns and cutbacks with ease. The sail's neutrality ensures a thrilling and controlled waveriding session.
  5. Multiple Size Options:

    • The IQ HD is available in multiple size options (3.3, 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6), catering to a variety of preferences and wind conditions. Whether you're looking for a smaller sail for high winds or a larger one for lighter conditions, the IQ HD has you covered.
  6. Stylish Design:

    • Available in attractive colors (C2: Red | C4: White), the IQ HD not only performs exceptionally but also adds a touch of style to your windsurfing setup.

Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation:

  • At Tabou, quality, advanced technology, and innovation are at the core of sail development. The IQ HD is a testament to the commitment to providing every surfer with the perfect sail for their demands. The sail incorporates a precise combination of high-quality materials to achieve the ideal mix of lightness, durability, power, and handling.

Embark on Your Windsurfing Adventures:

  • Elevate your windsurfing game, experience the thrill of radical turns and cutbacks like never before, and discover the perfect balance of performance, control, and versatility with the Tabou IQ HD sail. Choose the IQ HD and embark on your windsurfing adventures with confidence and style!


IQ 3.3 332 137 340 14 0 4 Adj 0 RDM 2.67
IQ 3.6 352 143 340 14 12 4 Adj 0 RDM 2.76
IQ 4.0 366 151 370 17 0 4 Adj 0 RDM 2.9
IQ 4.4 377 159 370 17 8 4 Fixed 0 RDM 2.97
IQ 4.8 397 167 370 17 28 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.09
IQ 5,2 414 175 400 19 14 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.27
IQ 5.6 432 177 400 19 32 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.36