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GA-Kites Spark 2024

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SKU: SD_06738
Color: Orange
Size: 5.0
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Regular price £1,049.00
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Embark on a thrilling freeride adventure with the GA-Kites Spark 2024, a kite that redefines performance and adaptability across diverse conditions, inspiring you to elevate your skills and conquer bigger jumps.

Comprehensive Redesign for Excellence: The Spark has undergone a comprehensive redesign, featuring a completely new material mix to enhance its overall performance. The Force Tec Dacron material on the leading edge and strut skeleton maximises stiffness, lightness, and durability, resulting in direct handling and outstanding control. This redesign aims to provide you with a kite that responds precisely to your every command.

Cutting-Edge Material Technology: Integrating cutting-edge VoltNova triple ripstop spinnaker supplied by Teijin, the Spark perfectly combines lightness, stiffness, and neutralises stretch. This advanced material optimises load distribution over an extended period, ensuring a kite that excels in performance and durability across a wide range of freeride conditions.

Versatility in Freeride Performance: The Spark stands out with its ever-popular all-round performance, impressive upwind capabilities, and remarkable lift. This kite becomes your go-to choice, seamlessly combining accessible jumping, minimal bar pressure, and precise control with efficient lift, substantial power, and dynamic handling. The result is a kite that allows you to savour freeride versatility throughout a wide wind range.

Experience the thrill of the Spark as it propels you to new heights, delivering an exhilarating freeride experience with unparalleled performance and adaptability.




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