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GA-Kites ONE 2024

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Color: Green
Size: 6.0
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Regular price £1,089.00
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The ONE offers not only exceptional performance at extremely low wind speeds, but also delivers remarkable agility and control in stronger winds.

A more squared-off wingtip shape enhances handling, providing a smoother and more balanced experience, facilitating easier relaunching and boosting upwind performance. The specialized light-wind profile, featuring low-drag wingtips, provides substantial low-end power without compromising control as the wind picks up.

In order to stiffen up the ONE’s extremely light one-strut construction, we implemented our innovative ForceTec Dacron material for the leading edge and strut skeleton. This material change results in outstanding stiffness, lightness and durability. In order to further optimize longevity and dimension stability, the ONE was updated with our brand-new VoltNova triple ripstop spinnaker.

With its vast wind range, the ONE allows you to enjoy your kiteboarding and kitefoiling sessions in marginal wind conditions and also when the wind increases.


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