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GA-Kites IQ 2024

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Color: Orange
Size: 5.0
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Regular price £1,049.00
Regular price £1,049.00 Sale price £1,049.00

Introducing the GA-Kites IQ 2024—an exceptional kite designed for both wave enthusiasts and freeride kitesurfers. The IQ captivates riders with its unique blend of turning speed, stability, and controllability, delivering an unparalleled experience in the lineup and beyond.

Versatile Wave and Freeride Performance: The IQ excels in both wave and freeride scenarios, offering riders a versatile and dynamic experience. Its unique blend of turning speed, stability, and controllability makes it the perfect companion for those seeking excitement in the waves or enjoying laid-back freeride sessions.

Effortless Relaunch and Low-End Performance: Experience effortless relaunch and strong low-end performance with the IQ, ensuring you can swiftly navigate precarious situations and get back into the lineup. This feature enhances the overall usability of the kite, allowing riders to focus on the waves, catching air, or simply enjoying a relaxing freeride session.

Innovative VoltNova Triple Ripstop Spinnaker: The IQ introduces the innovative VoltNova triple ripstop spinnaker, enhancing power generation and durability. This advanced material provides extreme dimension stability, optimizing the kite's performance in various conditions.

ForceTec Dacron for Unmatched Stiffness and Durability: Utilising the brand-new ForceTec Dacron for strut and leading edge construction, the IQ achieves unmatched stiffness and durability. This results in new levels of responsive handling and controllability, elevating the overall performance of the kite.

With its seamless combination of user-friendly handling, impressive turning speed, and superb drift capability, the GA-Kites IQ 2024 becomes your trusted companion for exhilarating wave riding and freeride sessions. Enjoy the thrill of the ride with a kite that brings together the best of both worlds.



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