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Fliteboard ULTRA Series 3 Carbon Premium Complete eFoil Setup

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Board Colour: Black
eFoil Colour: Silver eFoil
Battery Type: Ti Nano
Regular price £13,199.00
Regular price £13,199.00 Sale price £13,199.00
Regular price £13,199.00
Regular price £13,199.00 Sale price £13,199.00

For experienced riders, push the limits on the smallest board available. Setup “Pro Mode” by removing the prop guard with our prop duct removal kit - this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.

FREE LESSON or SERVICE with every purchase at our authorised Fliteschool (The Official Test Centre) and Flite Service Centre based in Portland Harbour, UK. We will also provide guidance on setting up your new eFoil as well as dissembling it, making sure you get off to the best possible start on your new eFoil journey.

Feel free to give our friendly team a call on 07944 254561 to discuss which Fliteboard would suit your riding style and ability best! If you'd prefer to email, please email us on -

Fliteboard Series 3 ULTRA Configuration includes -

- Fliteboard Series 3 ULTRA 57l Board
- 80cm or 75cm Dual Drive Series 3 eFoil Propulsion Unit (Compatible With New Flite Jet)
- Flite Controller & Charger
- Flyer 800 Front Wing & Flite 290 Stabiliser
- Fast Charger 13.5A
- eFoil Bag
- Fliteboard Bag
- Accessories Pouch
- 2 Year Warranty (battery included)

(All configurations can be customised to your needs, please email or call 07944 254561 should your desired configuration not be available)

- Size 4’2″ x 23"
- Volume 57l litres

Not compatible with Flite eFoil System Series 1 or Flite Controller Series 1

The Fliteboard ULTRA comes with a choice of either 80cm or 75cm eFoil System Series 3 enabling a greater range to fly. Soar smoothly above choppy water conditions with less risk of the propellor breaching the surface. Carve harder and tighter in the turns, with the freedom of greater lean angles before the board touches the water.

The Series 3 eFoil System is not compatible with Fliteboard Series 1 or the Flite Controller Series 1.

We recommend riding the Fliteboard Ultra eFoil with the Flyer 800 & Flite 290 Stabiliser, for experienced and lighter riders. Medium and fast foiling. Long range, high speed. Tight turns and waves.

Flite Jet

In order to elevate the user experience, Fliteboard has revolutionized its propulsion system- welcoming the addition of Dual Drive and the optional Flite Jet. Developed by world-leading hydrodynamicists on three continents, Flite Jet is the world’s smallest and lowest drag eFoil jet. Made to be beautifully simple and engineered with precision, Flite Jet offers unparalleled smoothness and safety for riders. As eFoiling evolves, riders want different types of experiences, so Fliteboard now offers a choice of propeller or jet power. With the development of the world’s first interchangeable propulsion system, Dual Drive, riders can choose their preferred propulsion option or seamlessly swap between prop and jet. The unique Dual Drive allows users to experience the best of both worlds in a matter of seconds, with no tools required. Series 3 also features two new Cruiser Jet wings that are perfectly paired with Flite Jet for the most stable and efficient glide.

Flitecell Titianium

Our Flitecell is more than just the most durable portable marine battery on the market. It’s a major pillar powering Flite’s success.

‘Flitecell Titanium’ is the strongest, most robust and advanced power solution we’ve ever offered.

  • Signature titanium plates replace the previous aluminium design making Flitecell highly resistant to any form of corrosion, while increasing impact resistance.
  • Battery safety has always been our number one priority, and we’ve developed a number of proprietary safety measures including sight glass and magnetic on/off.
  • We’ve used the same premium quality 21700 cells as utilised in high power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance. Flitecell helps deliver speeds of up to 55kmph (34mph / 29knots).

Flitecell Titanium Specs

Sport Battery - 30 AH, 1.6 KWh capacity, 52v Nominal, High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v, Run time up to 70 min.

Explore Battery - 40 AH, 2.1 KWh capacity, 52v Nominal, High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v, Run time up to 100 min.

All setups come with a propeller and propeller guard as standard. Flite Jets can be requested as an add-on of £500. True Glide Propeller can be requested as an add-on of £250.