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Duotone Fanatic Wing Package: Fanatic Sky Free 5'3 / Slick 5m

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Fanatic Foil Mast & Fuselage Set Carbon (Size): 750/680
Fanatic Sky Free TE 2023 (Size): 5'5"
Regular price £3,199.00
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Sky Free 5'3 / Slick 5m Wing Package 


Take the stress away from choosing the right package for you to get out Winging with a Duotone/Fanatic Wing set up. 

Whats included: 

  • Fanatic Sky Free 5'3 2023
  • Duotone Slick 2023 5m
  • Fanatic Carbon 750/66 & 750/78 2023
  • DT Aero Carve 1100 SLS 
  • Duotone Alu boom
  • Duotone Leash
  • ION wing core leash Ankle 5'5"
  • Duotone pump Large

The Duotone Slick is the most versatile wing in the range, easy to fly, intuitive handling and incredible stability no matter the conditions or how you choose to ride!

Paired with the Fanatic Sky Free which has been designed for riders looking for the easiest board to improve in wing foiling paired with the best technology, performance and weight out there!

Our Sky Free TE is the evolution of our popular Sky Wing range, with early planing rocker lines, sharp release edges and without unnecessary shape gimmicks. A flowing outline allowing tight turns without catching the rail, yet having the width and glide to get you started and flying with ease. There’s simply no board that gets you up and going earlier in the lightest of winds.