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F4 Foils Freerace Bundles

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Size: 85cm Aluminium Mast
Regular price £1,469.00
Regular price £1,469.00 Sale price £1,469.00
Regular price £1,469.00
Regular price £1,469.00 Sale price £1,469.00
The ultimate freerace foil from F4 available in two different mast constructions/sizes.

A high performance foil optimized for speed and stability. The Freerace foil is designed for all round speed performance on all points of sail. The Freerace works best with smaller sails and either race foils boards, compact performance, or slalom foil boards. The Freerace is similar to the slalom foils we have developed for the PWA however oriented toward a broad range of boards and sailing conditions. Works great from 8 to 35 knots and is easier to maneuver.

F4 Windsurf Freerace Tuttle mount includes:

  • 97cm High Modulus Mast Tuttle mount OR 85cm Aluminum Mast.
  • FR100 cm fuselage
  • 850 sq cm front wing
  • 210 sq cm rear stabilizer
  • Race bag