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Ensis Balz Pro Helmet

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Designed for anyone who wants to do tricks and moves safely, the ENSIS Balz Pro Helmet takes the knocks and bangs of everyday sessions on the water. Durable and uncompromising the Balz Pro features fixed ear protectors, and a perfect fit thanks to the Dial Fit system. This helmet is so comfortable you will forget you’re even wearing one. Stylish – and even more stylish once you have used the stickers to give it your own unique look.

Perfect fit

The 360° Micrometric fit system allows a perfectly snug fit. Only a helmet with the perfect fit offers high protection.


The ABS hardshell is made of light, long lasting, high impact resistant plastic.


The high shock absorption foam is designed for multiple impacts.

Ear protection

The fixed ear pads prevent water from entering your ears during impact, protecting your eardrum. Multiple openings for good wind perception.

Reduced sun glare

The visor is just long enough to reduce glare, yet allows you to look up without tilting your head back.

CE EN certified

The helmet meets the EN 1385 safety standard for watersports.