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Duotone Ventis Wing - 2024

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Size: 7.0m
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Regular price £1,249.00
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Introducing the Duotone Ventis Wing - Conquer Light Wind Wing Foiling!

Unleash the power of the wind with the all-new Duotone Ventis Wing, specially designed for light wind wing foiling. Experience maximum lift and unrivalled power packed into a sleek, reduced wing tip design that will have you soaring while others are left grounded.

Gone are the days of struggling with advanced pumping techniques in marginal conditions. The Ventis Wing revolutionises light wind wing foiling by offering active lift that effortlessly pulls you up and onto the foil without the need for excessive pumping. The two side struts maintain a rigid frame and wing profile, allowing for a reduction in wing tip size. This means you're less prone to catching or dragging the wing tip during starts or while pumping to get on the foil. Even smaller or less experienced riders can now handle sizes of 7m and 8m thanks to this effective tip reduction. The side struts not only enhance handling but also optimise the wing's lift and power throughout its entire surface, while maintaining canopy tension, stability, and depower.

Efficiency and performance are at the heart of the Ventis design. We've incorporated lightweight 50g ripstop canopy material, strategically aligning the thread orientation in each panel. This ensures the large canopy area of the wing remains as light as possible while delivering direct response and top-tier performance on the water.

The Ventis features a longer carbon front handle, enabling easy one-handed riding and providing added benefits for manoeuvring and mastering tricks. The strut profile of the Ventis enhances handle ergonomics, offering a more comfortable angle for your hands. This allows for a straighter back arm position, maximising comfort during longer sessions on the water.

Challenge the impossible and push your limits with the Duotone Ventis Wing. Embrace the freedom of conquering light wind conditions and take your wing foiling to new heights. Don't let the lack of wind hold you back - soar with the Ventis!