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Duotone Unit D/LAB Wing 2024 - Yellow - Purple

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Regular price £1,729.00
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Introducing the revolutionary Duotone Unit D/LAB Wing 2024, the epitome of performance wing design that stands at the forefront of innovation. Meticulously crafted with advanced design principles and cutting-edge materials, the Unit D/LAB promises an unparalleled riding experience.

Key Features:

  • Aluula Technology:

    • Groundbreaking Aluula material in the leading edge and strut ensures a lightweight wing with exceptional responsiveness.
    • Elevates performance to new heights with the advantages of Aluula's revolutionary properties.
  • Efficiency and Reduced Drag:

    • The reduced diameter of the leading edge and strut enhances efficiency and minimizes drag for a more streamlined riding experience.
    • Aluula construction absorbs gusts, providing a smooth ride even in challenging wind conditions.
  • Extended Carbon Front Handle:

    • Longer carbon front handle designed for rider comfort and performance.
    • Enables effortless one-handed riding, unlocking new possibilities for tricks and manoeuvres.
  • Strategically Angled Strut Profile:

    • Ensures a natural riding position, offering superior comfort, especially when riding toe side.
    • The ergonomic design enhances the overall handling and control of the wing.
  • Refined Outline, Twist, and Canopy Tension:

    • Precise adjustments to the wing's geometry enhance stability and control during full power.
    • Improved drift when flagged out on the wave or riding downwind, adding versatility to your riding experience.
  • Versatile Performance:

    • Whether carving through the surf, executing aerial manoeuvres with extended hang time, or seeking powerful straight-line performance, the D/LAB Wing delivers.
  • Seamless Fusion of Materials and Design:

    • Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge materials and advanced design principles.
    • Uncompromising performance that takes your riding to new heights.

Experience the pinnacle of wing design with the Unit D/LAB 2024 – where Aluula technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative design converge to redefine the boundaries of wing performance. Elevate your riding experience to new heights and embrace the future of wing design with the Unit D/LAB Wing.