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Duotone SUPER STAR 2021

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Color: C01 Red - Off White
Size: 5.3m
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Regular price £479.00
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SUPER STAR - the icon is back! Together with the SUPER HERO and the IDOL LTD it completes the trio of the DUOTONE MANOEUVRE AVENGERS! The brand new SUPER STAR replaces the SUPER SESSION and with 4 battens (except size 6.2) it's more sporty and modern. It is designed for waves and ambitious waver, but due to its forward oriented profile position it has a very wide performance range up to freewave jumping conditions. This makes it suitable not only for the perfect days in classic down the line conditions, but also for the many sessions in gusty, sometimes underpowered onshore conditions. The more forward and slightly higher draft position plays an important role. It gives the SUPER STAR a very special character, which is very pleasant for many riders, and the driving and handling characteristics feel very familiar from the first moment on. You don't need any time to get used to it to be able to get going right away. The SUPER STAR feels always light and balanced in your hands, but reacts very directly and instantly - even when it comes to power on/off. Riders who prefer tri fin boards, celebrate radical cutbacks in a minimum of space, and if you steer your board also with your back foot you will love the new SUPER STAR! Going down the line it instantly goes "on or "off for top and bottom turns, shines with a non-resisting batten rotation and generates enough power even in onshore winds to attack the next wave. As the sail generates more lift in the upper area, the board gets lifted improving the planing power. The forward draft ensures that forward jumps are easier to initiate and faster to rotate through even at lower speeds and in less wind. Whether SUPER STAR or SUPER STAR STARGAZER EDITION, both score with the convincing combination of performance, handling and control, on/off and the necessary power to have maximum thrill even in sup-optimal conditions.