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Duotone Slick D/LAB Wing 2024 - Purple - Gold

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Regular price £1,699.00
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Introducing the Duotone Slick D/LAB 2024, the latest addition to our lineup, setting a new standard in Freeride and Freestyle Wing performance. With its Mini Boom and powered by the advanced D/LAB technology, this wing delivers an unprecedented riding sensation that goes beyond imagination.

Key Features:

  • D/LAB Technology:

    • Prestigious D/LAB technology ensures power, lightweight design, and unmatched performance.
    • Crafted with the most cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, providing a mind-blowing riding experience.
  • Increased Lift and Power:

    • The new design brings enhanced lift, power, and hang time, elevating your freeride and freestyle sessions to new heights.
  • Versatile Performance:

    • Powers through lulls and rides through gusts with unrivaled balance and stability.
    • Early take-off, incredible lift, and extended hang time in jumps are standout characteristics of the Slick D/LAB.
  • Aluula Construction:

    • Leading edge and strut constructed with Aluula material for an incredibly light wing with instantaneous response.
    • Direct power during pumping, more lift, higher jumps, and quicker rotations contribute to exceptional performance.
  • MOD3 Canopy:

    • Unique MOD3 canopy enhances wing durability, maintaining shape and profile in changing wind conditions.
    • Low stretch character of the higher modulus MOD3 fabric ensures stability and control.
  • Gust Performance:

    • Pure acceleration during gusts, allowing riders to maintain control without adjusting hands or riding position.
  • Maximum Lift and Stability:

    • Deep profile, refined strut, and wing tips result in maximum lift.
    • Provides forgiving and consistent power delivery with stable flying behavior in different riding angles and wind strengths.
  • Visibility and Maneuverability:

    • Two well-placed windows on each side for good visibility and no blind spots.
    • Effortless and responsive feel, following your line with the newly refined front handle.
  • Boom Compatibility:

    • Best matched with our carbon Platinum or Platinum SLS boom for ultimate performance in Freeride and powerful Freestyle action.

Experience the next level of wing performance with the Duotone Slick D/LAB 2024 – your ultimate ticket to a thrilling and powerful riding experience.