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Duotone Sky Free SLS 2024

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Size: 5'3"
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Introducing the Duotone Sky Free SLS 2024, our Freeride weapon on steroids, crafted with precision in our SLS construction and designed for rapid progression. This board is your ultimate companion, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability!

Key Features:

  • Freeride Powerhouse:

    • The Sky Free SLS is a top-tier model designed to excel in freeride conditions, delivering exceptional performance.
  • SLS Construction:

    • Built in our Strong – Light – Superior Carbon PVC Sandwich construction, ensuring durability and top-notch performance.
  • Quick Progression Design:

    • Shaped for quick progression, the Sky Free SLS is the ideal choice for those looking to advance their skills rapidly.
  • Ideal for Light Wind Conditions:

    • Widely popular among ambitious wingers in lighter wind conditions.
    • Early planing rocker and easy take-off make it a favorite among intermediate and advanced level wing foilers, especially heavier riders.
  • 2024 Enhancements:

    • Slight rail bevels for increased clearance in tight maneuvers like gybes, tacks, and carves in small waves.
    • Improved bottom contours with a more parallel outline in the mid-section, enhancing glide and making board pumping even easier.
  • Stability and Compact Feel:

    • The deck recess and high-volume nose provide excellent stability during starts, landings, or when not in flight-mode.
  • Strong and Light Construction:

    • Crafted in our Strong – Light – Superior Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with additional rail and heel reinforcements for earliest flight and secure landings.

The Sky Free SLS is not just a board; it's your ticket to taking your riding to the next level. Whether you're a freeride enthusiast or an intermediate wing foiler seeking progression, the Sky Free SLS guarantees an exhilarating and reliable experience on the water.

Regular price £1,799.00
Regular price £1,799.00 Sale price £1,799.00