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Duotone Mast - Fuselage Set Aero Slim D/LAB + Tail 2024

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Size: Mast 82 / Fuselage 37
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Regular price £1,558.00
Regular price £1,558.00 Sale price £1,558.00

Introducing Duotone's high-end mast and tail set for 2024, designed to push the boundaries of foiling performance. This set includes the D/LAB mast, featuring a slimmer profile and stiffer layup crafted from a special blend of high modulus Carbon fibers, ensuring ultimate performance, speed, and direct response.

Key Features:

  1. Slimmer Profile with High Modulus Carbon Fibers:

    • The D/LAB mast is engineered with a slimmer profile and a stiffer layup, achieved through a special blend of high modulus Carbon fibers.
    • This construction enhances overall performance, providing unparalleled speed and direct response.
  2. Compatibility with Wings up to 100cm Span:

    • Due to its thinner structure, the D/LAB mast is recommended for wings with spans up to 100cm.
    • Ensures optimal performance and compatibility with a range of wing sizes within this span limit.
  3. Fuselage Carbon Tail and D/LAB Front Wings:

    • Combined with the fuselage carbon tail, this set offers a comprehensive solution for riders seeking high-end performance.
    • Designed to be paired with D/LAB Front Wings, creating a synergy that enhances overall foiling experience.
  4. Full Compatibility with D/LAB Wing Sets:

    • Ideal for riders looking for full compatibility with Duotone's D/LAB wing sets.
    • Offers a seamless connection and optimal performance when combined with D/LAB wings

Duotone's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in this high-end carbon mast and carbon tail set, offering riders a foil setup that's optimised for speed, responsiveness, and full compatibility with D/LAB wings. Elevate your foiling experience with the precision and performance embodied in the 2024 D/LAB mast and tail set.