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Duotone Grip 4 D/LAB 2024

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Duotone GRIP D/LAB World Cup Wave Boards: Where Innovation Meets Experience

At the intersection of cutting-edge design and over 40 years of windsurfing expertise, for 2024 Duotone's GRIP D/LAB boards stand as a testament to continuous evolution in both construction and performance. Aptly named World Cup Wave boards, these creations are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of the best windsurfers across diverse global conditions, from the jumping-centric side-on waves of Pozo to the down-the-line groundswells of Hookipa.

Key Features and Considerations:

  • Evolutionary Design: The GRIP D/LAB boards are a result of ongoing evolution, integrating the latest advancements while drawing from a wealth of experience. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of development ensures that riders get state-of-the-art boards that can handle various conditions.

  • World Cup Wave Performance: Crafted for the best of the best, these boards are optimized for World Cup Wave performance. Whether you're navigating XXL waves or mastering tight turns, the GRIP D/LAB boards are built to elevate your windsurfing experience.

  • Fin Configurations: The crucial decision lies in choosing the fin configuration that aligns with your riding style. Consider the following options:

    • GRIP 4 (Quad Fin Configuration): Maximize drive and grip for committed rail-to-rail turns, even in challenging XXL waves. This configuration is tailored for those seeking the utmost control and power.

Your GRIP D/LAB Dream Machines Await:

These boards are not just equipment; they're your ticket to going beyond imagination on the waves. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an ambitious enthusiast, the 2024 Duotone GRIP D/LAB series beckons you to explore the limits of windsurfing. Step onto your new GRIP D/LAB board and redefine what's possible on the water. Your dream machines are ready – are you?

DUOTONE GRIP D/LAB Boards: Unmatched Innovation and Precision

Are you in pursuit of the lowest possible weight coupled with maximum stiffness and durability, surpassing even the high-end custom board makers? Look no further – introducing the DUOTONE GRIP D/LAB board range, a true game-changer in windsurfing.

D/LAB Logo: A Stamp of Real Game-Changers

Under DUOTONE Windsurfing, only products that redefine the game earn the D/LAB logo. The GRIP D/LAB series, the first D/LAB products, unveils a groundbreaking technology – the CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH.

CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH: Revolutionizing Construction

Over three years, DUOTONE's product manager Dani Aeberli and QC specialist Vasin Siritho meticulously developed the CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH technology. Unlike traditional molding, each EPS foam core block undergoes CNC milling for unparalleled precision and reduced weight.

SINGLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY: Elevating Weight-Strength Ratio

DUOTONE employs the SINGLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, emphasizing individual steps for maximum precision. From vacuum-bagging the top and bottom PVC shields with the EPS core separately to using variable PVC plate thickness based on stress areas, this approach yields an industry-leading weight-strength ratio.

Discipline-Specific Flex Construction: Tailored for Every Style

GRIP D/LAB boards feature a DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC FLEX CONSTRUCTION, recognizing the diverse demands of disciplines such as wave riding, freestyle, freeride, and racing. For racing boards, a high carbon content ensures maximum stiffness, while wave boards integrate higher Innegra and S_GLASS+ content for essential flexibility.

Cutting-Edge Composite Materials: The Heart of Innovation

DUOTONE spares no expense with the use of high-end composite materials, blending high-strength and high-modulus carbon, Innegra for unbeatable tensile strength, S_GLASS+ with extra high silica content, and the exclusive DUOTONE SENTEX resin with silicon nano-spheres – reducing weight without compromising durability.

Individualized Layup for Every Board Size: Precision Redefined

Each GRIP D/LAB board size boasts an individual layup, fine-tuned for specific requirements. Racing boards prioritize stiffness, while wave boards embrace controlled flexibility. This meticulous approach culminates in boards that are approximately 500 grams lighter than SLS boards, rivaling even the lightest custom boards.

Light Done Right: A Commitment to Durability

DUOTONE's core motto, "Light Done Right," underscores their commitment to achieving lighter boards without sacrificing durability. The GRIP D/LAB boards epitomize this philosophy, delivering an unparalleled combination of weight, stiffness, and strength.

Please note that quantities will be strictly limited initially, akin to real custom boards, with popular sizes of GRIP 4 and GRIP 3 available in the D/LAB technology. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of windsurfing innovation that goes beyond imagination.