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Duotone Front Wing Aero Glide SLS 2024

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The Duotone Front Wing Aero Glide SLS 2024 is designed to provide efficient, high-aspect performance with an emphasis on endless glide, downwind capabilities, and pumping abilities. Here are the key features and characteristics:

  1. Highly Efficient High-Aspect Designs:

    • The Aero Glide range features high-aspect designs that offer efficient and endless glide, making them suitable for downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves in prone foiling, winging, and Windsurf Foiling.
  2. Four Smaller Sizes:

    • The range includes four smaller sizes, ranging from the fast and agile 725 to the larger 1305, introduced in spring 2023. These wings are known for their accessible glide performance, control, and maneuverability.
  3. Aspect Ratio Around 9.5:

    • The wings in the Aero Glide range come with an aspect ratio of around 9.5, emphasizing efficiency, speed, and low drag. They are designed for intermediate to advanced riders who prefer a more active riding style.
  4. Intuitive Flight Mode:

    • Once in flight mode, the Aero Glide wings exhibit intuitive and predictable behavior, making them suitable for riders with varying skill levels.
  5. Two Large Siblings for 2024:

    • Two larger wings are introduced for 2024: the 130cm wide 1595 with an aspect ratio of 10.6, ideal for downwinders, and the pumping-oriented 2145 with a span of 143cm and an aspect ratio of 9.6.
  6. 1595 for Downwinders:

    • The 1595 is designed to assist riders in getting into downwinders, providing incredible glide and the ability to connect even the smallest bumps. It shares the fast and low drag profile of the smaller Glide wings, making it suitable for light wind winging and pumping.
  7. 2145 as a Dock-Starter Wing:

    • The 2145 is developed as a dock-starter wing with a thicker profile and its own outline. It has a very low stall speed, making it easy for dock starts and providing a smooth pumping experience in flatwater conditions for riders of all levels.
  8. Strong Mast/Fuselage Setup:

    • The mast/fuselage setup is known for its strength and predictability. This stability is carried over into the wide-span wings of the Aero Glide range.
  9. Complemented by Stabilizer P:

    • The Glide wings are complemented by the high-performance Stabilizer P, available in 165, 180, 200, and the new 220 for the largest additions to the Glide range.

Whether riders are looking for downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves, or seeking a fast and efficient sensation with low drag, the Duotone Aero Glide SLS 2024 is designed to deliver exceptional performance across various foiling disciplines.