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Duotone Foil Wing Set Aero Glide SLS 2024

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Duotone Foil Wing Set Aero Glide SLS 2024:

Unleash Effortless Gliding: Duotone Aero Glide SLS 2024 and Stabilizer P – A Fusion of Efficiency and Fun

Duotone, a pioneer in water sports innovation, introduces the Aero Glide SLS 2024, a collection of wings designed for optimal efficiency, high aspect ratios, and a thrilling blend of manoeuvrability that defies expectations. As the name suggests, the Aero Glide wings are crafted for long-distance gliding with ease, making them the perfect addition to Duotone's comprehensive portfolio.

Aero Glide SLS 2024: Setting the Standard for Effortless Gliding

Efficiency, Speed, and Low Drag: The Aero Glide SLS 2024 extends Duotone's success with four smaller sizes, ranging from the agile 725 to the larger 1305, introduced to critical acclaim in spring 2023. These wings boast an aspect ratio of around 9.5, emphasising efficiency, speed, and low drag. Tailored for intermediate to advanced riders, a slightly more active riding style suits these wings perfectly.

Intuitive Flight Mode: Once in flight mode, the Aero Glide wings exhibit intuitive and predictable behaviour, making them ideal for a seamless riding experience. The predictable behaviour, combined with their low drag profile, ensures a thrilling yet controlled ride for enthusiasts seeking an edge in gliding performance.

New Additions for 2024: Expanding the Aero Glide family, Duotone introduces two larger siblings for 2024. The 1595, with a width of 130cm and an impressive aspect ratio of 10.6, is tailored for downwinders, offering exceptional glide to connect even the smallest bumps. The 2145, with a span of 143cm and an aspect ratio of 9.6, is a pumping-oriented wing with a thicker profile and low stall speed, perfect for dock starts and flatwater pumping.

Mast/Fuselage Stability: Known for one of the strongest systems in the market, Duotone's mast/fuselage setup brings stable and predictable behavior to wings with wide spans. The Aero Glide wings are ready to tackle downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves in prone foiling, or delivering a fast and effortless sensation in winging or Windsurf Foiling.

Stabilizer P: Elevate Your Performance

Performance-Centric Design: Duotone's latest range of stabilisers, the Stabiliser P, is expertly designed to complement the Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges. The "P" in its name stands for performance, emphasising increased aspect ratios for enhanced lift with smaller surface areas. This design choice decreases drag, boosts manoeuvrability, and retains the high-speed control that defines Duotone's foils.

Flat Design with Thin Shims: The Stabiliser P, available in four sizes (165/180/200/220), features an almost completely flat design, departing from traditional winglets. By making these changes, Duotone has successfully loosened the feel in turns, providing an exciting and dynamic riding experience. Riders can take full advantage of brand-new thin shims to adjust the angle of attack by +/- 0.3 degrees increments, catering to individual riding styles and varying conditions.

Discover the Aero Glide SLS 2024 and Stabiliser P – a perfect marriage of efficiency, speed, and manoeuvrability, offering riders a thrilling and unforgettable foiling experience on the water.