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Duotone Duke 2024

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Color: White / Violet
Size: 4.2m
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Regular price £699.00
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The Duotone DUKE seems like a meticulously designed and well-thought-out 5-batten sail, offering a range of features that cater to the needs of various windsurfers. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Wind Range and Batten Configuration:

    • The DUKE aims to provide a maximum wind range, especially in changing and gusty conditions.
    • The 5-batten configuration is designed to offer more control and a broader wind range.
    • The BATTEN FREE CENTER concept, with a larger gap between the foot batten and the batten above the boom, aids in easier inflation and stability in the top section.
  2. Lightweight Construction:

    • The LIGHT DONE RIGHT CONSTRUCTION, introduced in 2022, focuses on reducing weight without compromising durability.
    • Replacing multilayer reinforcements with a single layer of high-quality fabric and introducing the ONE PIECE SLEEVE has resulted in a weight reduction of 300g.
    • The sail maintains thickness in film and XPly panels, ensuring a lightweight feel without sacrificing structural integrity.
  3. Early Planing and Power:

    • The DUKE features a high draft distribution and a deep profile to achieve maximum planing power.
    • The design aims to lift the board onto the plane early, minimizing the need for excessive pumping.
  4. Neutral Maneuvers:

    • The sail is designed to go completely neutral during maneuvers, with a more forward-oriented draft position.
    • This design element enhances the ease of performing tricks and turns, contributing to a higher success rate.
  5. Jumping Performance:

    • The higher draft position contributes to increased airtime, generating lift for jumps.
    • The forward-oriented draft position helps maintain control during jumps.
  6. Versatility:

    • The DUKE is positioned as a versatile sail suitable for bump & jump conditions, freewave and freeride boards, classic and new school freestyle tricks, as well as medium wave and jumping conditions.
  7. Rigging Ease:

    • The sail is highlighted as straightforward and fast to rig, with features, markers, and hints developed over 40 years to ensure a quick and precise rigging process.
  8. Consistent Feel Across Quiver:

    • The DUKE is designed to provide a similar feeling/behavior to other sails in your quiver, allowing for a smoother transition between different sail sizes.
  9. Optional Constructions:

    • The DUKE comes in two optional constructions – the regular DUKE with a 50% monofilm construction and XPly reinforcements in high load areas, and the DUKE HD made entirely out of XPly for extra durability.

Overall, the DUKE appears to be a comprehensive and adaptable sail, combining performance, durability, and user-friendly features to cater to a wide range of windsurfing styles and conditions.