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Duotone Back Wing Aero Stabilizer C 2024

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The Duotone Back Wing Aero Stabiliser C 2024 is part of the C-Series, designed to work seamlessly with Duotone front wings, especially the Aero Free SLS and Aero Lift SLS. Here are the key features and characteristics of the Stabiliser C series:

  1. Proven Design:

    • The Stabiliser C series features a well-tested and proven design that has been successful in combination with various front wings over the past few years. It is described as a "traditional" approach with a medium aspect ratio.
  2. Control-Oriented:

    • The C-Series is designed for control, emphasising the importance of keeping the rider on their trajectory and maintaining pitch control during foiling. It offers stability in flight while allowing for smooth turns and providing feedback in waves.
  3. Medium Aspect Ratio:

    • The stabilisers in the C-Series have a medium aspect ratio, contributing to their stable flight characteristics.
  4. Flat Centre and Subtle Winglet:

    • The design includes a flat centre that transitions into a subtle winglet towards the wingtip. This configuration enhances stability and control.
  5. Thin Shims for Adjustable Angle of Attack:

    • The stabilisers come with thin shims, allowing riders to adjust the angle of attack by increments of +/- 0.3 degrees. This feature provides flexibility for riders to customise the stabiliser's angle based on their riding style or the prevailing conditions.

The Duotone Back Wing Aero Stabiliser C 2024 is ideal for riders seeking a reliable and control-oriented stabiliser that complements the performance of Duotone front wings. The combination of stability, smooth turns, and feedback makes it suitable for various foiling conditions.