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Duotone Aero Lift SLS - Foil Set Complete AL - 2024

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Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL - AERO LIFT SLS: Elevate Your Wing Foiling Journey!

Duotone introduces the 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL - AERO LIFT SLS, a specially crafted foil set for wing foiling novices. Designed for incredible stability and ease of use, this set ensures quick progression for riders of varying weights, making it the perfect choice for learners seeking a reliable and performance-oriented foil.

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for Wing Foil Novices:

    • The Aero Lift 2400 set is recommended for every wing foil novice, providing an ideal balance of stability and performance. It's tailored to make the learning process smoother and more enjoyable for riders transitioning into wing foiling.
  2. Incredible Stability and Ease of Use:

    • The foil set prioritises stability and ease of use, offering a user-friendly experience for individuals new to wing foiling. The Aero Lift 2400 wing is designed to enhance stability, allowing riders to focus on their progression without compromising on performance.
  3. Wide Weight Range Compatibility:

    • Suitable for riders from 60kg up to the heaviest learners, this foil set accommodates a wide weight range. It ensures that individuals of varying weights can experience the benefits of stable and progressive wing foiling.
  4. Economically Priced Aero AL Mast and Fuselage:

    • The foil set includes the Aero AL mast and fuselage, combining solid performance with an economically priced design. Duotone prioritizes accessibility, allowing riders to embark on their wing foiling journey without breaking the bank.
  5. Forward Compatibility for Upgrades:

    • The Aero Lift 2400 set is forward-compatible, providing the flexibility to upgrade to a smaller wing once the rider feels ready for the next level of performance. This ensures longevity and adaptability as riders progress in their wing foiling skills.

Experience the Joy of Wing Foiling Progression:

  • The Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL - AERO LIFT SLS is crafted to bring joy to the wing foiling progression journey. Whether you're a beginner or transitioning from other water sports, this foil set offers stability, ease of use, and a platform for advancing your skills.

Unleash Your Wing Foiling Potential with Duotone: Your Partner in Foiling Excellence!