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Duotone Aero Free SLS - Foil Set Complete SLS - 2024

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Size: 82/60-1000/216
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Regular price £1,808.00
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Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE SLS - AERO FREE SLS: Elevate Your Foiling Experience!

For both intermediate and advanced riders, Duotone presents the 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE SLS - AERO FREE SLS. Crafted to cater to a wide range of disciplines and conditions, this foil set combines durability, performance, and versatility to enhance your foiling journey.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Allrounder for Mid-Weight and Mid-Level Riders:

    • The Aero Free SLS 1250 set is designed as the ultimate allrounder, suitable for mid-weight and mid-level riders. Whether you're progressing in your foiling skills or seeking versatility across various disciplines, this set has you covered.
  2. Solid 82cm Aero SLS Carbon Mast:

    • The foil set includes the reliable and sturdy 82cm Aero SLS carbon mast, providing the necessary support and stability for your foiling adventures. The mast is a key component that contributes to the overall durability and performance of the foil.
  3. Mid-Length AL 3BS Fuselage:

    • The mid-length AL 3BS fuselage ensures optimal balance and manoeuvrability. This component plays a crucial role in the foil's responsiveness, making it suitable for a multitude of disciplines and conditions.
  4. Two Configuration Options for Different Riding Styles:

    • The foil set offers two configuration options catering to different riding styles and preferences. The Intermediate configuration (82/66-1250/250) is ideal for mid-level riders, while the Advanced configuration (82/60-1000/216) is tailored for lighter to mid-weight advanced riders seeking exciting performance.
  5. Multi-Discipline Performance:

    • Whether you're into playful freestyle, speed runs in flatwater, or foiling in the surf, the Aero Free SLS 1250 set delivers a versatile and enjoyable performance. It's a foil set that adapts to your evolving skills and preferences.
  6. Durable and Built to Last:

    • The combination of top-quality materials and Duotone's commitment to durability ensures that this foil set will be your companion for years to come. Enjoy a reliable and long-lasting foiling experience.

Unlock the Full Spectrum of Foiling Possibilities:

  • The Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE SLS - AERO FREE SLS opens up the full spectrum of foiling possibilities, providing a platform for progression and enjoyment across various disciplines. Whether you're an intermediate or advanced rider, this foil set is your key to foiling excellence.

Experience Versatility, Performance, and Durability - Duotone Aero Free SLS: Your Passport to Foiling Adventures!