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Duotone Aero Free SLS - Foil Set Complete AL QM - 2024

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Size: 82/66 - 1500/250
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Regular price £1,398.00
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Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL QM - AERO FREE SLS: Elevate Your Foiling Experience!

If you're a mid-weight learner, weighing between 65kg and 85kg, Duotone has crafted the perfect foil set to enhance your foiling journey. Introducing the Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL QM - AERO FREE SLS, this set is designed for both Wing, SUP, and Prone foiling enthusiasts. With a focus on stability, ease of use, and excitement, this foil set is ideal for those looking to progress in their foiling skills.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Foil Set:

    • The Aero Free SLS foil set comes complete with all the components you need for a hassle-free foiling experience. It's tailored for mid-weight learners, ensuring you have everything required to take your foiling to the next level.
  2. Quickmount Mast (QM) for Convenience:

    • The foil set features the new Quickmount mast, making the setup process quicker and more convenient. Spend less time screwing and more time on the foil, enjoying a stable, easy, and exciting ride.
  3. Optimised for Mid-Weight Learners (65kg to 85kg):

    • Specifically designed for learners in the weight range of 65kg to 85kg, this foil set caters to the needs of mid-weight individuals. Experience a foil that aligns with your skill level, providing stability and responsiveness.
  4. Stable and Easy Yet Exciting Ride:

    • The Aero Free SLS foil set is crafted to deliver a stable and easy ride for learners, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience on the foil. As you progress, the foil continues to offer excitement and responsiveness.
  5. Two Configuration Options for Versatility:

    • The foil set provides two configuration options suitable for different skill levels. Choose between the Beginner configuration (82/76-1750/250) and the Intermediate configuration (82/66-1500/250) based on your foiling proficiency.

Unleash Your Foiling Potential:

  • With the Duotone 2024 FOIL SET COMPLETE AL QM - AERO FREE SLS, unleash your foiling potential and elevate your experience on the water. Whether you're into Wing, SUP, or Prone foiling, this set is your ticket to a thrilling and rewarding journey.

Experience Stability, Ease, and Excitement - Duotone Aero Free SLS: Your Companion for Foiling Excellence!