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AXIS PNG Carbon Hydrofoil wing

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Size: 1310
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Regular price £950.00
Regular price £950.00 Sale price £950.00

Axis PNG - Pump and Glide wing

The Axis PNG are Pump and Glide wings designed to be easy and early to lift for their size. Packed with tons of control, and feeling of comfort for most levels of riding.

The series pump is unreal, an effortless glide which feels endlessly. The PNG is aiming to be the easiest high aspect wing that almost everyone can ride, and can improve their level of riding right away.

With a range of characteristics through the PNG range from the PNG 910 feeling familiar and super easy to ride, a wing which can be pushed hard, pump for ever, and turn on a dime with tons of speed. The turns are neutral and very well balanced. A wing which can be ridden with the tip off the water, and you won't even notice it. Incredibly smooth and well the PNG 1310.

The PNG1310 is an amazing light wind, bigger front wing, providing amazing ability to get going in almost no wind, completely redesigned with a focus on maximising the performance and glide of this massive front wing.

With the 1150 wing midway, providing a design to dominate the smallest foiling conditions. From light wind wing conditions, to tiny bumps SUP and Surf foiling, to effortless lift behind the boat, and dock starts and pumping, the AXIS 1150 performs like no other high aspect wing ever dreamed of. The amount of glide and pumping ability of the PNG 1150 is tremendous.