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AV Boards Modena Slalom 98

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Regular price £2,599.99
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This board matches the best combination of speed, quality and madness, The brand new slalom board is designed to achieve the best acceleration and speed performance in all kinds of conditions, with a dream design.


This brand new slalom board has been designed and developed to achieve the best acceleration and speed in all kinds of conditions. Its performance is unmatchable when it comes to handling comfort, control in overpowered conditions and gybe ability. It is the best combination between speed, quality and a dream design

The flat scoopline on the tail with a very straight bottom curve until 150cm from tail, then lifting toward a very higher nose. Bottom shape with a constant V and a light 0.5mm double concave, it has a straight outline on the mid section towards the nose, while the outline kinks into a narrower curve from the front foot towards the tail, making the board the fastest on the market. The rails are shaped to have the best comfort and power, whilst the 15mm deck concave around the mast allows a lower centre of gravity and lets you gain control and speed during overpowered sailing.


Board Modena Slalom 98
Volume 98 Lts
Width 62 cms
Length 229 cms
Fins No fin included
Sails Range 7.1 - 5.0
Weight 5.8 kg