AFS Wind F-1080 FRONT WING 2021

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The AFS-F1080 delivers very High Lift at lower speeds as well as great control at speed.

It is the latest version of our outstandingly popular F800 Front Wing, designed to work well with the Stab v1, Stab v2 and the 2021 onwards Stab 320 rear wings.

It is therefore suitable for use with the AFS W85, W95 and W105 foil package with the 88ccm 'Cigar Fuselage' from 2020 and before, but is especially recommend for use with the W85 and W95 from 2018 to 2020.

It is of course supplied as one of the 2 standard front wing options with new W85 from 2021 onwards. (Please note, it is not compatible with the new 94.5cm rectangular fuselage fitted to the new 2021> W95 and W105 masts)

Although developed with the heavier rider in mind, it is also a wonderful light wind tool for lighter riders and beginners of all weights, providing caution is shown with regard to sail size and wind strength while you get to grips with just how much lift and speed it provides!

With this front wing fitted to W85's and W95's, we receive reports (supported by GPS) from owners (even in the 90kg + weight bracket), showing that they are starting to foil at as little as 5 knots board speed, while we also have similar reports from owners describing how comfortable it remains at speeds getting well into 20 knots, making this the must have accessory front wing to give you early lift and a remarkable speed range, combined with great control.

The ultra-strong, Monolithic Full Carbon Pre-Preg T700 construction is the result of more than 13 years of research/testing that have gone into developing this product, to ensure it delivers unrivalled performance for the Beginner - Expert seeking to Freeride or Freerace, and is intended for use in a wind range of 7-18 knots.

Tech specs:

Wing construction: Monolithic full Carbon Prepreg T700
Front Wing width: 800mm
Front Wing area: 1080 cm2
Suggested Rider Level: Beginner to Expert
Weight: 680g*
Standard wing on: 2021> W85/F1080/Stab 320