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Ezzy Wave

Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
Ezzy Wave
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A new sail is born: the Ezzy Wave. David's goal with the Ezzy Wave was to combine the power and stability of their Zeta, with the lightness and handling of their Elite. Read more..

1-4 weeks (subject to availability)
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David Ezzy goes on to say, "Getting the Ezzy Wave right was a challenge. It had to satisfy both my son Graham’s need for power in European on-shore conditions and 8x world champion Kevin Pritchard, who demands lightness and manoeuvrability for side-off wave riding.

"The Ezzy Wave is built to my quality standards while coming in about 200 grams lighter, per sail, than the Elite. Weight reductions came in a number of areas. I replaced the vinyl window with Spectra-reinforced X-ply, and the clew design is lighter, which in addition to saving overall weight, reduces the swing weight. For comparison, the new 4.7 is now the same weight as last year’s Elite 4.2, making the Ezzy Wave one of the lightest wave sails in the world.

"As with all of our sails, the Ezzy Wave is rigged and calibrated with a load cell, then meticulously checked over in my factory. The Ezzy Wave comes highly recommended."

EZZY WAVE Luff Luff Boom Battens Ezzy Mast Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min-Max (cm)   Bottom/Top Kilograms
3.0 336 340 130-139 4 315/340 2.46 kg
3.4 348 352 134-143 4 340/340 2.57 kg
3.7 361 365 139-148 4 340/370 2.67 kg
4.0 369 373 142-152 4 370/370 2.72 kg
4.2 377 381 145-155 4 370/370 2.79 kg
4.5 388 392 149-159 4 370/400 2.88 kg
4.7 398 402 152-162 4 370/400 2.95 kg
5.0 409 413 157-167 4 400/400 3.00 kg
5.2 421 425 162-172 4 400/400 3.15 kg
5.5 427 431 165-175 4 400/430 3.25 kg
5.8 440 444 167-177 5 430/430

3.45 kg


= Best Combination
= Good Combination

Ezzy Wave Mix-Match Mast Chart


"The Ezzy Wave is so much better than my old sails that I feel like I have new boards, even though the boards are the same. These sails are so much lighter compared to the Elite, and when a gust hits, the sail simply accelerates without feeling heavy in the hands as it fills up with wind. This sail is powerful enough to get around in strong currents and onshore winds but also light and maneuverable enough to move around effortlessly on the wave—for onshore, sideshore, down-the-line. 

The Ezzy Wave is the best wave sail that I have ever used, and it motivates me even more to go on the water because I’m sailing better."-GRAHAM EZZY


The Ezzy Wave is our lightest wave sail ever—about 200 grams per sail compared to the Elite. The Ezzy Wave is even lighter than the Taka. Most of the weight saving comes from a more advanced design of the clew reinforcement and a Spectra-reinforced X-ply window instead of vinyl.


The Ezzy Wave is built to withstand the daily beatings that a hardcore wave sail must endure, like big waves, sharp rocks, and coral reefs. The Ezzy Wave comes from a lifetime of sailmaking knowledge applied to get maximum strength while reducing weight.


When the conditions are good, you want to get on the water as fast as possible and have your sail rigged perfectly. Traditionally, this is a tradeoff. But with the Ezzy Wave's calibrated rigging, you can tune your downhaul in seconds. Each and every sail is rigged and calibrated in the Ezzy Sails factory. Simply, downhaul till the bottom of your mast lines up with the desired setting: Max, Mid, Min 1, or Min 2 (for extra light winds).


"When I set out to design the Ezzy Wave, my goal was to make the best sail possible in each individual size. During the development, I found that the 5.8 felt lighter and more stable with 5 battens than it did with 4 battens. I found that all the sails need to hvae a roughly similar distance between the battens, which means that the 5.8 neeeded another batten. If I made the 5.8 with 4 battens, it would compromise its performance. 

The 5 batten 5.8 Ezzy Wave is actualy lighter than last year's 4 batten 5.7 Elite. And the Ezzy Wave is more stable and balanced as well." - David Ezzy

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